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Youth Anger Management Services (YAMS) is a 12-week program that helps youth recognize and manage stress, anger, and other negative emotions without self-destruction or violence. By participating in a program that helps youth learn anger management skills, it will improve relationships  and help build confidence to work in a team or group setting. YAMS focuses on skills and techniques in the areas of self-control, social awareness, and interpersonal relationships. This program aims to help youth normalize anger and to improve their communication skills to become better listeners and communicators. YAMS implements art, music and activities to improve skills and abilities. Teachers, social workers, case managers, and probation officers are encouraged to refer youth to this program. For more information email YAMS@ivlgbtcenter.com or call 760-592-4066 and ask to speak with Melissa Saenz.

Lesson 1  

Gaining Better Control & Understanding Of Ourselves




  1. Overview of the purpose and goals of the group, (pre-course survey) 10 minutes
  2. Review group rules, expectations, and confidentiality for 10 minutes
  3. Names, Mental Check In & Icebreaker Question 15 minutes


  1. Establishing Group Agreements 15 minutes
  2. Introducing Gaining Better Control & Understanding For Ourselves  10 minutes
  3. Control Log Worksheet 10 minutes
  4. Activity What would make me feel better that is in my control worksheet 15 minutes
  5. Wrap-Up Discussion 5 minutes

Total Session Time 90 minutes 

Each class begins with group members introducing themselves and sharing how their week is going. The icebreaker activity will help group members to know each other better and feel more comfortable working together in a group. 

M&M Ice Breaker Activity: The M&M Ice Breaker is a colorful and tasty game that encourages students to share fun facts about themselves while enjoying a sweet treat. It will capture group member’s attention and create a memorable experience. 

What You Will Need: A bag of M&M candies. Set-Up: Distribute M&M candies to each.

How to Play: Each group participant takes turns sharing a fun fact about themselves for each color of M&M they have. As group participants share their facts, they also learn about each other’s preferences, creating connections and engaging in conversations over a shared love for candy.