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“Here to help the Community” 

Why donate? The IV LGBT RC helps an average of about 600 people per year. Many come from households that are in the low to middle income range, are on government assistance and/or are homeless. This Center is integral in helping with basic needs, educating community members about LGBTQ people and working to improve the lives of the people we serve. We engage in policy-related activities or advocacy geared toward improving the lives of the people we serve.

We are the only resource where LGBTQ Imperial Valley residents can access affirming and inclusive social, educational, sexual health and mental health services. We are vital players in the LGBTQ movement and provide an invaluable link between LGBTQ people and local, state, and national efforts to advance LGBTQ equality.

We are thinly staffed and depend on a number of volunteers who help faclitate groups, get involve in community activities, help with our annual Imperial Valley Pride and fundraising efforts.  Additionally, together we work to improve the overall wellbeing of our broader community. Your donation helps us continue the work “…to empower the LGBT community and connect them to essential resources.”